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“Cykelkungen” urban buildings in Sweden

One of the largest construction companies in Lithuania “Conresta” is expanding its operations in Scandinavia. “The Bicycle King” is a modern 99-apartment residential project in Uppsala, Sweden.

General contractor

JSC "Conresta AB"



The project consists of two 5-6 storey buildings. This is the first multi-apartment project in Uppsala without a parking lot – to promote sustainability, encouraging the residents to choose bicycles as a means of transportation. The project includes a large number of dedicated bicycle storage areas, wider elevators and charging stations for electric bikes. “The Bicycle King” is perfect for this city, where a third of the population personally chooses to travel by bicycle and as much as a quarter of the population – by foot or bus. As you might have guessed already, a well-developed infrastructure for cycling and hiking trails surround the “The Bicycle King” area.

The project consists of 99 apartments of different types. Aside from the usual ones, you can purchase an apartment with an annexe or a loft-type apartment on the top floor of the building. Apartment area size ranges from 20 sq. m. up to 100 sq. m., with most apartments having their own patio or balcony. The project has a spacious courtyard and a large shared roof terrace.