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“Visorių alley” apartment building

Conresta, an innovative and modern general contracting and construction company, has completed a six-storey B-class residential building project with an underground garage, elevators and infrastructure for disabled people on Visorių street.

General contractor

JSC "Conresta"


JSC „Recus"



Architect / Designer

Tumas Mazūras


Project area:

6271 m2


Construction duration:

2015 03 - 2016 08



19,6 m

The building is planned out in an L-shaped form and is designed in a way that each stairway would have 3 to 5 apartments (69 in total): three creative workshops for the residents to use and one office space on the ground floor at the main entrance. Stairs are mainly oriented to the street, all the apartments have balconies, ground floor apartments have their own outdoor terraces. The house has a fenced and is monitored by video cameras, the ground floor is additionally equipped with a round-the-clock security guard.

Functional links take the form of staircases and elevators that connect the underground garage to the floors of the building. The building is equipped with load-bearing, noise and fire-proof barriers that save energy and meet all safety requirements. The walls are insulated with EPS foam and stone wool.

“Visorių alėja” – a perfect home for those who want to live in a newly formed residential area, surrounded by parks, greenery and well developed infrastructure.