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Conresta Awarded a Stable Company Certificate CrefoCertSTABILUS SILVER




CrefoCertSTABILUS SILVER is official confirmation from JSC Creditreform Lietuva that our company is known for its stability, i.e., the company’s solvency risk has remained low with no other threats to the company’s operations for over two years.

The official SILVER rating is based on continuous and stable operations. The solvency risk of a company given this award remains low: within the Risk Classes 1-4. Only 1.2% of Lithuanian companies have been issued with this certificate.

The certificate was received on 3 December 2020.

silver kokybe

A company may only be awarded the CrefoCertSTABILUS SILVER certificate on the initiative of JSC Creditreform Lietuva after meeting the objective criteria.

A clear and objective evaluation process has been established, based on an internationally recognised methodology that has stood the test of time. The Creditreform and CrefoCert (CrefoZert) labels are well known throughout Europe as a symbol of reliability (Verband der Vereine Creditreform was founded in Germany back in 1879).