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Before the end of the year, Conresta added 4 projects to its portfolio



Lukas Laukaitis, (Vladimiro Ivanovo (UAB „Verslo žinios“) nuotr.)

With four contracts agreed for new construction developments, the general contractor Conresta shows no sign of slowing down and is moving into the new year on a positive note. Experience, speed, flexibility and quality – these are the core values at Conresta, which have earned the company the trust of its partners, even during the pandemic.

Vilnius City Municipality Administration has signed a general contract with Conresta for the construction of a kindergarten in Verkiai Eldership, Bajorai. It is expected that the construction process will be completed within 12 months from the date of signing the contract. The value of the construction work is over EUR 4.1 million, excluding VAT. For the implementation of the project, Conresta will employ Building Information Modelling (BIM).

The future kindergarten will be designed to accommodate 240 children. The total area of the building will amount to 3,500 m2. The kindergarten will be in the style of modern architecture with a geothermal heating system. Playgrounds for children will be included in the construction, as well as a parking lot for the convenience of parents.

“This year, the contractor not only managed to complete the work at Vilnius Gabija Gymnasium on schedule, but showed a remarkable degree of dedication to quality and professionalism. We hope that this project be completed in the same timely and smooth manner,” said R. Čeponytė, Director of the Vilnius Development Company that provides project and construction management services.

Vaikų lopšelis-darželis

Luxury apartments in the heart of Vilnius

Conresta will soon start work on the reconstruction of a building at Basanavičiaus St. 4A in Vilnius. A hotel Gallery4A will be built on the site of a former art gallery, where 11 exclusive apartments will open their doors for residents seeking the height of luxury in the spring of 2022. These apartments will feature the highest quality, modern architecture, and impressive spaces. The building will include an underground parking lot and 2 elevators, with constant monitoring provided by security staff and a concierge. Each apartment will also have a separate spacious terrace overlooking Vilnius Old Town. Professionals looking for a comfortable office or commercial space will be invited to occupy the first floor of the building.

„Gallery4A“ apartamentai

3 new schools in Kaunas District

In Kaunas District, Conresta is planning to start the construction of three separate schools in the near future. These plans include a modernisation of the Mastaičiai Pool alongside the establishment of a new school; the reconstruction of the annex at Zapyškis Secondary School; and the reconstruction of the Science Building in Kačerginė as well as the construction of a new annex. All three schools are scheduled to open their doors in the next few years, with some operating as early as September 2022. The planned cost is EUR 10.5 million EUR + VAT for these projects. The areas surrounding the schools will also be upgraded. The total area of the project, including all 3 schools and the pool, will exceed 10,000 m2.

New car showroom

The general contractor Conresta has also signed a construction contract with the representatives of Sostena Auto. Works on the construction site started in at beginning of November, with the completion scheduled for November next year. A repair shop will be added to the new showroom. The total project area is 7,871 m2 including the reconstruction of a 200-metre section of the street.

The central part of the site will include a 4-level service and trade building, where the showroom and the repair shop will be situated. The building will meet the requirements of energy efficiency Class A+. In this case, the value of the construction work is over EUR 6.2 million, excluding VAT.

Sostena naujas autosalonas

The company’s portfolio continues to grow

Lukas Laukaitis, the Director of Conresta, explained he was glad that even though construction projects had to slow down during the rough conditions this year, not only for our country but for the whole world, they did not stop altogether. The company’s order portfolio has remained full, as new projects are being added while the existing work is progressing with special attention to safety. “One of the biggest challenges we have faced is that during the quarantine, we had to continue at full capacity in order to complete the construction work on time. This meant we had to plan the work environment, construction equipment and the material logistics with great care and precision, as well as precisely organising the construction work so that it would not fall behind the original plan. We have accepted the challenges presented by the quarantine and will continue to devote our forces to creating a safe workplace, in compliance with all safety and hygiene recommendations,” said L. Laukaitis, Director of Conresta.

Important projects

Currently, Conresta is working on other significant projects that include constructing the Žalgiris Water and Sports Centre in Kaunas; a public space near Vingriai St. in Vilnius; the BH Meraki and Freedom 36 business centres; and others. Conresta ranks as one of the largest construction companies in Lithuania. Last year, the company recorded a turnover of EUR 70 million. Conresta has also been operating in foreign markets for several years, implementing projects in Scandinavia and the Caribbean. This year, Conresta was elected as leader of the construction sector in the Lithuanian Sector Leaders 2020.