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“Conresta” rebranding – modernisation



“Conresta” branding is reaching a completely new and modern phase

The company, which celebrated its 10th anniversary this year, has gone through a rebranding process as well. The changes will not only be seen in visual solutions, but also in project management and work. The industry requires constant change and improvement, so a new visual identity is consistent with “Conresta’s” current and future strategic positioning.

“Together with the branding studio “Godspeed” we were looking for a visual solution that would prove the company is innovative, has a lot of experience, and always chooses a modern approach. The cut-corners of the new logo’s handwritten letters symbolize constructivity, volume, technique, architectural shapes, while the logo’s matched font, inspired by the “Cyanotype” laser machine, is a hint of precision and technological advancement. The dark anthracite color chosen is not accidental as well. Anthracite is mined coal of the highest possible quality. The graphic features a grid of abstract drawings and abstract elements that evoke associations of modernity, professionalism and technological progressiveness, thus perfectly matching both the strategic positioning of the company,” says Karolina Jarmalytė, a marketing consultant for “Conresta”.


Modern construction processes

“Conresta” is an experienced and sophisticated next generation general contractor, offering high quality, state-of-the-art technology, cost and process optimization, flexible and collaborative work management. Back in 2014, “Conresta” was one of the first companies in Lithuania to introduce building information modeling (BIM) in the construction industry. It ensures the accuracy of the drawings and prevents errors leading to additional costs, wasted materials, misplaced human resources and time wasted.


“Conresta” has developed an intelligent cost management and forecasting program called “Optiplan”. Having evaluated the purpose of the building, its materiality and other parameters, this program enables accurate forecasting of project costs, opening additional opportunities for consulting companies in making the right investment decisions and optimizing projects during the implementation phase.


“Transparency, rationality, quick decision-making, quality management, fluidity, risk management, sustainability and safety at work are the areas where we hold ourselves to the highest possible standard and strive to lead the industry by example. We organize our work implementing global trends and carry out projects abroad, so it is important that the overall image of the company and our own approach go hand in hand. We do not only want to be modern, we want to look modern as well. We pay exclusive attention to the improvement and modernization of the project management processes that are crucial for maintaining a successful and modern business development,” says Lukas Laukaitis, the CEO of Conresta.

A leader in next generation construction

The new phase is reflected in both numbers and projects currently under construction. Conresta is one of the largest construction companies in Lithuania. Last year, the company had a turnover of  70 million euros. The company has been expanding in foreign markets for several years – for the last three years Conresta implemented projects in Scandinavia and the Caribbean markets.



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