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General Contracting and Construction Company “Conresta” Introduces a Mobile Application for Smart Cost Management



General contracting and construction company “Conresta” introduces a mobile application for smart cost management

A wave of technology innovation is flooding the Lithuanian construction market. It is now easier to calculate the cost of construction of a specific object and to plan how long it will take. “Conresta”, one of the largest and most innovative construction companies in the country, is launching a unique mobile application “OPTI PLAN”, designed for smart construction cost management. The company invested 15 000 euros.

The system lets you evaluate the project to detect and eliminate errors at an early stage of the calculation, to estimate the cost and duration of its implementation. Specifying the type of construction, purpose, area, volume, number of storeys and other details results in a fairly accurate price calculation. Not only does the new mobile application help you quickly formulate a commercial proposal with clear estimates, it also makes the project cost planning optimization way easier. This technological innovation further strengthens the company’s market position and ensures flexible, effective communication with customers and partners.

The app helps the employees to estimate the construction cost after the very first meetings with the clients. It does not even require a technical drawing. After entering the desired criteria, “OPTIPLAN” will calculate the cost estimate. Another advantage of this solution is the ability to quickly compare how the price of construction changes with changing the criteria. Usually, it takes between 1 and 3 weeks to calculate the construction cost and duration, depending on the complexity of the project, while using “OPTIPLAN” can calculate a simple project in just a few minutes.

The app is also a useful tool for timely identification and correction of project inaccuracies. Errors eliminated in the calculation phase help avoid unexpected work and increased expenses during construction.

To evaluate future projects, “Conresta” relies on real data from completed projects. The company has built more than 100 commercial, residential, administrative and industrial objects. Currently, the company is building another 20 different structures. Large amounts of valuable data about their construction are stored in electronic and paper documents. “OPTIPLAN” will allow the company to make effective use of its expertise in combining all available and stored information. The design and concept was created by VRS WPI Vilnius and programmed by „Ieškok komunikacijos“.

“We are a fast growing, progressive company, aiming to efficiently manage projects and maintain high quality of work, therefore we use the opportunities provided by modern technologies. The “OPTIPLAN” app will help to efficiently utilize the accumulated experience, to accurately predict the terms and estimates of the objects under construction, to detect and eliminate mistakes in advance,” assures Lukas Laukaitis.