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General Contractor and Builder Conresta Expanding on Foreign Markets



statybos paslaugas teikianti „Conresta“ plečia veiklą užsienio rinkose

UAB Conresta, a company engaged in the construction sector, has plans of achieving a gross sales figure in the amount of EUR 140 million (export markets included) this year. Currently, apart from Lithuania, the company also has presence in Sweden, France, and the Caribbean island of Saint Barthélemy. The company continues to emphasise stable growth and project continuity on foreign markets as its main priorities.

As one of Lithuania’s major construction companies, UAB Conresta offers state-of-the-art, innovative, and sustainable building solutions for the public and the private sectors. The line-up of projects the company has completed features the Palanga Concert Hall, the 5* Hotel Pacai, the Continental plant. Currently, Conresta is engaged in projects like the Žalgiris water and sports centre, the business centres Freedom 36 and BH Meraki, to name a few. The overall area of the projects built by the company in its 12 years of business constitutes a staggering 700,000 sq. m, which is roughly the area of 98 football pitches. Conresta ended the previous year among the business leaders in Lithuania. On the comprehensive Lithuanian Business Leaders 500 list, the company placed as high as 28th, and made it to the very top of the list of construction companies.


‘Lithuania is a strategically important market to us, however the expansion of business in foreign countries through implementation of construction projects is the result of our consistent strategic implementation. Back in 2016 we set the goal of achieving a 30% share of sales from export countries, and today, thanks to our effective work and efforts, export amounts to nearly half of the sales. That is why we plan to continue looking for expansion opportunities on foreign markets and to pursue consistent growth in Lithuania,’ says Lukas Laukaitis, Conresta’s CEO.

One-stop-shop for design and build projects 

Flexible cooperation and modern technological solutions have been the foundation for the smooth implementation of projects in Sweden for five years now. During its whole time in the country, the company has implemented an impressive 12 design and build projects. Combining these two processes leads to higher efficiency, cost and process optimisation without compromising the high quality and the flexible cooperation between partners. This helps save the client’s time, resources, and facilitates communication.

At this time, the staff base in Sweden consists of 35 people and the plans are to reach EUR 10 million in sales by the end of this year. Conresta Sweden’s product basket for the next year is valued at EUR 20 million. One of the projects that have been completed is Nya Gatan in Stockholm, which has the area of 25,000 sq. m. So far, this has been the largest residential property for all Conresta companies. The building has a massive 174 apartments and a two-tier underground parking facility with 147 slots.

‘Right now, we are in the process of building three projects and have just as many in the pipeline for 2022. Ever since the launch of our Swedish operation, we have been relying on technology and international building standards, looking for the best and most efficient building processes that would allow us to achieve the highest performance in terms of quality, functionality, and durability. We also focus a lot on solutions to improve sustainability and minimise environmental impact, from optimal design solutions, choosing responsible partners, optimising logistics to an efficient construction process,’ says Conresta Sweden’s CEO Vaidotas Macys.


An exotic land for construction

Consistent construction work in the island of Saint Barthélemy in the Caribbean is in its fourth year now. This island is officially a French overseas collectivity and is subject to European requirements and regulations. Over the entire period of active operation, the company has already brought 5 projects to completion and is working together with world-class architects, designers, and subcontractors. Currently, the company’s expected sales stand at EUR 30 million, which is more than 3 times the performance of last year.

On Saint Barthélemy’s island, the company has a team of top Lithuanian professionals and specialists from other countries: France, Israel, Portugal. A multicultural workforce is a huge benefit and an added value for the whole team. It facilitates growth, sharing international experience and good practice, understanding the local construction requirements, linguistic and cultural differences, of which in this exotic land there is a lot.

Right now, Conresta St. Barth’s professionals are working on the 5-star Etoile Hotel, a major construction project. The value of the contracts the company has signed for the next two years is EUR 90 million.

When the general contractor launched its Saint Barthélemy operation, the main challenges were the new market building norms and regulations, the high degree of detail involved in planning, and the early planning procedure to manage the risks of supply and logistics. Still, compared to Lithuania, the main difference in the company’s opinion was that the island is located in a zone of high seismic activity and hurricanes. As a result, all design solutions, building technologies and materials are very specific and have to comply with the local building laws and norms.

‘Over these years of activity on Saint Barthélemy’s island, the basket of construction works has been constantly growing. It all just confirms that we are fully prepared to do quality work under difficult, unusual conditions to achieve the goal. I am pleased that foreign partners value Lithuanian specialists more and more,’ says Conresta St. Barth’s CEO Donatas Vaitkus.

The degree of confidence brought by obligations delivered and work performed on time and properly secures a good standing among international investors, which is the main formula for the continuation of the company’s projects. As a general contractor and builder, the company is proud of its cooperation with the world’s largest companies such as Barriere Group, ES Development, Keller, Malin Kirscher Architecte DPLG, Gilles & Boissier, Bruneau & Ghezzi, Muzza Lab, and others.


Reconstruction of a 12th century castle

Early this year, Conresta also expanded to the French market where it offers its general contractor and building services. Conresta France is engaged in the building and reconstruction project for Château de la Commaraine, a five-star hotel with a SPA and a winery next to the property’s 3.75-hectare vineyard on a UNESCO-protected territory. The two-year project will see the reconstruction of the castle dating back to the 12th century, the construction of four more hotel wings, the installation of a SPA centre, wine cellars, and technical facilities underneath the buildings. The words are slated for completion in late 2022.

‘The implementation of a complicated project of reconstruction of historical heritage signifies a high level of recognition and a big achievement for the company; at the same time, it is a tremendous responsibility. We understand how important this property is for the continuity of our projects in France as well, and are therefore committed both to the client, and to ourselves. I am pleased that the ambitious and professional team is successfully handling the challenges that arise in the course of managing the processes away from home, considering France’s enormously high building requirements. Managing construction projects is a difficult and dynamic process, and that is why we find it so fascinating,’ says Audrius Malinauskas, Conresta France’s CEO.

Over its first year in France, the company expects to reach a sale figure of EUR 20 million. In the next year, the plan is to secure additional funding in the amount of EUR 39 million and to proceed with the implementation of yet another project. Conresta France’s CEO adds that in a bid to satisfy the clients’ needs, the company works with international companies like Affine Design, Egis Group, KP1, Socna, and others.


People, the foundation of success in business

Business can only grow if there is a strong team in place. Realising that, the company makes continuous investments in employee development as well as efforts to attract and grow new specialists. ‘We are looking for the right people and investing money to train them. What matters to us the most, is the candidates’ attitude, their desire to grow and to achieve ambitious goals. We want to create lasting value for the society, build environmentally friendly buildings,’ stresses Conresta’s Head of HR Dalia Vitkuvienė.


‘Our specialists have appreciation in Lithuania and abroad alike. Even though there is a pronounced shortage of building specialists, we manage to find team members who want to work on projects in both the Lithuanian and foreign markets,’ says Mrs Vitkuvienė. New markets offer opportunities for business expansion just as they provide new knowledge and competences to the employees. The head of HR says that Conresta’s strength is that its specialists are able to gain experience with different projects, in different countries and cultures, and that implementing a project in Lithuania opens a possibility to choose to work on foreign projects.

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