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UAB Conresta, one of the largest companies in the construction sector in Lithuania, is renewing its identity. The new Conres brand will emphasise the company’s growth and internationalisation.

According to the manager of UAB Conresta, Lukas Laukaitis, the change of brand was primarily due to expansion abroad.

“Despite the changing winds in the construction sector in recent years, we managed to stabilise the company’s results, and achieved significant growth last year. We are one of the leaders in Lithuania, but we also work in foreign markets. As a result, the need has matured for an international, easy-to-understand brand that would reflect both our roots and our modernity while at the same time stating who we are,” says Laukaitis.

Lukas Laukaitis, CONRES vadovas

Lukas Laukaitis, CEO of CONRES

Conres has been operating in Sweden since 2017, on the Caribbean island of Saint-Barthélemy since 2018, and in France since last year. The decision to change the brand was made after evaluating existing and potential projects abroad. The total turnover of Conres last year amounted to EUR 121.1 million, while this year it is planned to reach a turnover of more than EUR 115 million.

“We felt that the old name was too typical of the construction industry and kind of cemented us in the housing market.” Conres is more unique name, better responds to our aspirations and the future of the company”, says Laukaitis.

The Conres brand is inspired by architectural aesthetics. Its large, geometric shapes resemble structures. The composition of the brand is stable and reliable, conveying the company’s values and operating principles. The company’s slogan “Building the Future” remains the same, and a more significant change promised by the organisation involves more communication about projects implemented abroad.

The company was one of the first in Lithuania to start applying advanced certification systems and international construction standards, such as LEED, BREEAM, BIM, ISO. Conres applies the Design-Build work method, where all work from design to handing over the keys is done through the principle of “one stop shop”. This combination of processes leads to greater efficiency, optimisation of costs and processes, and flexible, partner-based cooperation.

With more than 200 employees, Conres carries out various types of construction: from modern commercial, industrial, residential, public and administrative projects to the reconstruction of cultural heritage buildings. During the 13 years of its operations, 162 objects were built and renovated, with a total area of 761 thousand sq. m, which is equivalent to the area of 106 football stadiums.

Conres is currently building the LIDL Lietuva logistics centre, renovating the Medininkai border checkpoint, performing work at the Vilnius cogeneration plant, and designing and building the Omniva logistics centre. In Sweden, in the Stockholm region, Conres is building two projects of residential houses and a preschool, while in Malmö it is building a senior citizens’ home. Conres is currently building a 5-star hotel with a SPA centre and winery infrastructure while reconstructing a 12th-century castle in the town of Pommard, bordering Beaune, which has a deep winemaking tradition, is protected by Unesco heritage and borders the wine capital of Burgundy . On the island of Saint-Barthélemy, Conres is currently running three projects: building a 5-star hotel and luxury villa, and setting up a private school.

Conres 2020-2022 apyvarta

Revenue of CONRES (2020-2022)