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The Modern 25-Meter-Long Palanga Swimming Pool Has Opened Its Doors



Modern pool with solar panels on the roof

A modern 25-meter swimming pool with a wellness area, a public sauna and a fitness center was opened on Friday. The swimming pool meets the international standards and will be of great service not only to Palanga students, campuses and professional athletes, but also to the guests of the city. Representatives of the Government and Palanga City authorities who attended the event said that Palanga had been waiting for this day for almost 15 years.


The pool can accommodate up to 250 people at a time (125 men and 125 women), but the number is expected to increase if needed. The pool will also employ about 20 poeple, including lifeguards, cleaners and administration. The pool is equipped with modern sports equipment and state-of-the-art technology: such as filters filled with nano glass pearls, ultraviolet lamps and modern textile ventilation system (which prevents moisture, mold and dust). In addition, the roof of the pool is equipped with solar panels to heat some of the water used in the showers.


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