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The Reconstruction of a 5-star “Hôtel Le Toiny” on the Saint Barthélemy Island in the Caribbean

We’re really excited about the expansion of “Conresta’s” operations in foreign markets. This time, we’ve faced a real challenge of extraordinary conditions, working 8137 km from Lithuania, under the hot Caribbean sun. With our years of experience and profound knowledge, we have completely rebuilt the cottages destroyed by hurricane "Irma" and did all of the „Hôtel Le Toiny” reconstruction work.

General contractor

JSC "Conresta"


Saint Bartholomew island, Caribs


Distance from Lithuania:

8137 km







The hotel cabins are separated from each other and each has its own private pool. In addition, they are built on rocks (not on one level), so the construction process required extreme concentration and extensive know-how. All the basic materials, such as glass handrails, doors, shutters, parquet, were shipped from Lithuania; other materials were bought locally. The reconstruction of the object exceptional precision, e.g., if we were ordering a tin plate, the order was shipped from Guadeloupe, so it had to be calculated very accurately, otherwise it would take an additional 2 to 3 weeks to arrive.

The local climate was a serious challenge for the whole team, with temperatures ranging from 30 to 32 °C during the day and 25 to 27 °C at night. The heat became a real test for the roofers who had to work with hot tinplate. During the reconstruction, we were warned that the hurricane is coming, fortunately, it did not reach the islands and we were able to carry on with the work. All of this proves that in order to achieve our goal, we are fully prepared to work in uncomfortable and difficult conditions.